We are a Yoga studio in Valencia that practices different disciplines of Yoga.

Our classes include Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Rocket Yoga,
Yoga for Kids, Private Classes, Yoga for Businesses, Pilates, and Hot Pilates.

Our students can participate in any class they want, and even combine
disciplines, at any time they want with prior reservation.

Why Bikram Yoga Valencia?

Located in the heart of Valencia, Bikram Yoga Valencia brings different

types of yoga together in the best studios.

Bikram Yoga Valencia instructors have been trained and certified by Bikram Choudhury.

All instructors are nationally and internationally certified, they must meet
rigorous training including studies of anatomy, Yoga philosophy, and a
detailed study of each posture and its effects on the body, as well as a first

aid course (CPR and First Aid Information).

The Best Instructors

Our instructors are trained in every type of yoga.

Breathe Yoga

Our relaxing studios are perfect for practicing yoga, so you can breathe

peace and harmony.



Raquel – Bikram Yoga Instructor

The decision to specialize in Pilates changed not only the consciousness I
had of my body, but also of my life.
I am a fanatic of intelligent movement, executed with fluency, coordination,
balance, strength, and control.
I offer you a more modern Pilates, free of prejudice, that brings you physical
and mental health and complements other disciplines.

Martin – Asthanga Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga journey in 2006 in Holland with Athanga Yoga.
I studied with teachers like David Swenson and Manju Pattabhi Jois to
deepen my practice. I did an Ashtanga Yoga training in 2011.
From my training, I teach Ashtanga and Power Yoga classes and
workshops with joy and energy. I am registered as an experienced teacher
by Yoga Alliance.


We have Yoga classes with and without heat. Times range from 60, 70, or
90 minutes. Come and try them and discover the one that suits you best.

You first Bikram Yoga class

Before Your Class
Drink water. It is important to come well hydrated. Sign in to your class at
the front desk. Please be punctual. Classes start at their scheduled time.
(Once the class has started, you cannot enter.) You must be inside the yoga
room before the teacher enters. New students must arrive 20 minutes prior

to the beginning of class. New students must set up in the second row.
Respect silence. There is no talking inside the yoga studio.

After Your Class
Enjoy the relaxation that yoga gives you. Stay in the room for at least 2
minutes. Enjoy your moment of peace and silence. Leave the class in
silence and respect the meditation of your peers. The mats in the center
row remain in the room. Used towels are placed in the changing rooms.
Drink plenty of water. Hydrate. Don’t check your phone immediately. Enjoy
the moment.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule 2023 Bikram Yoga


€95/1 MONTH

5 classes in 1 month
1 month

Choose from our schedule

€30/1 Class

Choose 1 class from our schedule

€30/10 days


10 consecutive days from the schedule

€145/2 months

Voucher for 10 classes to take within 2 months

€165/1 year

Voucher for 10 classes to take over the course of 1 year

€350/3 months

Unlimited classes during 3 months

€120 – €150/month
Unlimited classes
Monthly direct debit payments

€1,200/1 year

Unlimited access to all classes for 1 year

Bikram Yoga Valencia Classes

Private Yoga Classes

In Bikram Yoga Valencia, we offer you the possibility to practice any
discipline of yoga or Pilates that you wish – Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga,
Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Pilates,
and Hot Pilates – with a highly qualified instructor dedicated exclusively to


In our private yoga classes, you will receive exclusive attention tailored to

your abilities.

Private yoga classes focus on your personal evolution, correcting poses,
and achieving correct alignment. They are perfect if you have any injuries,

helping to reduce, improve, and prevent pain.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 poses (asanas) of Hatha Yoga, which is
usually practiced for 90 minutes in a room set to 104 ̊F and 40% humidity.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a style of yoga that is practiced through different asanas and


Hatha Yoga exercises both your body and your mind. The poses improve
flexibility and tone muscles. The pranayamas serenade your mind.

Vinyasa Yoga

The practice of Vinyasa Yoga connects poses to a rhythmic breath.
By deepening your practice of Vinyasa flow you will feel more strength and
energy in your body. You will also feel synchrony between your body and


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic yoga with a focus on the development of
movements synchronized with your breathing. Each asana is composed of
a certain number of synchronized movements and breaths.

When you start mastering this yoga technique and its meaning, you’ll enjoy
the refreshing poses synchronized with your breathing and movement. This
experience can be carried off the mat to feel in sync and present in your

day-to-day life.


Pilates classes consist of different physical exercises that stretch, balance,

and strengthen the body.

With a consistent habit of exercise and breathwork in Pilates, you’ll find
great value in this technique whether you want to improve or maintain your
fitness, or supplement it as a reinforcement of other physical activity or


Pilates exercises the coordination between your body and your mind.

Rocket Yoga

Rocket yoga is a fast and dynamic yoga type designed to bring vitality and


The basis of Rocket Yoga is Athanga Yoga, but Rocket Yoga seeks to create
and increase Prana (vital energy) and promote the nervous system with

fast, balanced, and intense sequences.
Rocket Yoga is dynamic, fast, physically demanding.

Hot Pilates

Hot Pilates, or Inferno Hot Pilates, is a combination of the principles of

pilates with high-intensity interval training.

Hot Pilates is a training method with intense, short-term intervals in which
you must perform as many repetitions in 20 seconds as possible. Intervals

are followed by 10-second breaks, cycling repetitiously.
The results of this practice are quickly observed.

The heat in the room makes it easier for you to relax your muscles and the
moisture makes it easier for you to sweat, speed up your metabolism, and

raise your heart rate and promote detoxification.

Yoga for Kids

Children’s Yoga is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and
10. It brings countless benefits to their bodies and minds.

Yoga for Kids is a fun yoga modality for children to develop skills and tools in a cheerful and uncompetitive environment that help them increase their confidence, improve self-esteem, and feel happier.

Through yoga, children improve their concentration, memory, attention, and
temperament. At the same time, they learn how to improve their self-control

and channel their energy through exercises and games.
It is proven that children who practice yoga improve their openness to
learning by increasing their school performance. It also improves their
mental balance, breathing, peace of mind, and psychomotricity. On the
physical level, they become more flexible and strong, thereby facilitating

their growth and development.

The world of children’s yoga is filled with games, songs, music, stories, and,

above all, lots of fun!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga accesses the deep layers of your muscles and facilitates the work

of vital organs.

This type of yoga uses little muscle effort, as it is practiced with contact to

a stable basis.

The practice of Yin Yoga requires full and conscious attention to your body.
Its continued practice helps you achieve balance in your body and life. It
allows you to relax tensions and connect your energy channels.

Prenatal Yoga

Many studies show that yoga is the best exercise to practice during


At Bikram Yoga Valencia we offer yoga classes for pregnant women in
which we pay special attention to the softness of the poses and the
integration of movement and breath to promote relaxation.
Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps reduce stress and prevent and
minimize depression. It also strengthens your immune system, reduces

back pain, opens your hips, and helps you sleep better.

Yoga during pregnancy strengthens the connection between you and your
baby by increasing your body’s awareness through breathing.

Yoga for Business

Introducing yoga techniques in companies is an excellent way to prevent
and manage stress, one of the greatest factors in absenteeism in Europe.
Yoga for Business classes offered by Bikram Yoga Valencia provide the
right tools to deal with and manage situations that generate stresss by
helping to reduce anxiety, improve concentration, creativity, positive
attitude, communication, as well as helping to improve body posture in and
out of the workplace. In turn, practicing yoga in companies helps
employees have greater mental openness, make better decisions, be more

creative, and perform tasks better.

Corporate yoga classes are designed to be practiced in a group and are
held in the workplace. They do not require any special installations. People
who practice it should wear comfortable clothing and are required to bring

their own mat.

In company yoga sessions, we work on relaxation, stretching, and

meditation in synchrony with breathing.

Habitual practice brings internal synchrony, significantly improving the work
environment with a more positive mindset and attitude that moves to the
various sections of the company with its consequent benefits: more
conscious and happy employees, improved cohesion, healthier
relationships with colleagues, customer and suppliers, increased
productive capacity, and increased expression of talent.

Contact Bikram Yoga Valencia

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